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KME Nevo Plus VS Nevo Pro looms

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2022 6:25 pm
by Brian_H
Can anyone confirm if the loom is different between a KME Nevo Plus loom and a Nevo Pro loom?

Specifally if I plugin a Nevo Pro to a Plus loom, will it work as a plus unit?

Its the 8 Cylinder one in this case that I'm looking at

Re: KME Nevo Plus VS Nevo Pro looms

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2022 9:00 pm
They are basically the same loom, the pro loom may come with some longer wires for OBD connectivity but I believe those wires are present (though cut shorter) even on the plus loom.

Yes a pro ECU can work as a plus ECU. The difference is just the OBD connectivity and an extra programmable 12v output on the pro.

In software some of the additional pro features are greyed out if a plus ECU is connected.

Re: KME Nevo Plus VS Nevo Pro looms

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2022 9:08 pm
by Brian_H
Cheers Simon, that should mean the one I've found will work to replace the one I've got that doesn't appear to be working!

I take it a file saved on a plus unit can be uploaded to a pro unit?

Thinking is to get the car working again with the other ecu and then investigate whats happened with this one (once its proved if that is the cause of my issue or not, though I'm fairly sure it is).

Re: KME Nevo Plus VS Nevo Pro looms

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2022 9:41 pm
Yes you can upload a file for any Nevo unit to any other Nevo unit. The calibration files for Nevo are actually just txt / XML type documents, you can even view and edit them in a txt editor. They are written/interpreted during the save/load process from/to binary that the ECU stores.

Save a file and then open it with Wordpad Bri, it's interesting to have a look at and you'll recognise a lot of the settings that are entered. It would be possible to write a txt file for Nevo and do the complete calibration that way without even using the software, but you would need the software to upload your settings file to the ECU.

There are pros and cons to the calibration file being saved as XML... It makes saved files extremely ECU version and firmware version backward/forward compatible but also opens up some scope for misinterpretation during the save/load process. I know that there is in fact a bit of misinterpretation occur between save/load, it's only very subtle and minor but it can mean that if you save settings from one ECU then load the same settings into another ECU and swap the ECU's so the second ECU is running the original vehicle there may be very slight differences in results between the two ECU's.

There are some things you can adjust by diretly manipulating the XML file that you can't adjust in the software.

You could even make your own software to manipulate the XML file, or do other things like set up software like Exel to show data such as join the dots plotted map points at various rpms (the software itself doesn't show what rpms points were plotted at but the ECU does store that data and uses it if MOSA is enabled)... So you could make an Exel app that gives insight into whether rpm correction is correct.