Question to LPG specialists

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Question to LPG specialists

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Would it be easy and safe to install the LPG system from my old Picasso to a new one if I bought one?

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Re: Question to LPG specialists

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Maybe - You really need to provide some more info to get a better answer to your question. Give consideration to the tank (we don't know what state it is in, or how old it is - there should be markings on it to tell when it was originally tested, but also if its underslung which I'd suspect is likely, the outer visible side of the tank might indicate its past its best?).

You'd probabbly want to replace some of the pipework if you were doing it yourself, particually if the original pipework is the copper type rather than polypipe, as its a pain to work with the copper stuff, and older copper stuff will be worse to deal with.

If you want to make it easier to move the kit across, try to use up the contents of the lpg tank as far as possible. The ligher it is, the easier it is to deal with.

You will probabbly need to either check the calibration afterwards, or take it to an installer and get them to check it, Depending what your insurance company requires for lpg, you may need a trip to an installer either way anyway?

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