Site security!!!

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Site security!!!

#1 Post by Budgetbond »

Apols I've not been on here for a while not been able to log-in not much more to report for now except this site is vv secure!!!

I've just managed to log back in since my holidays and was given a system generated 46 character (yes 46 bits!!!) password to log back in with!!!!

I've finally got round to logging is it really that necessary to have security that secure to encourage occasional usage!!!
Soz for the whinge but it mite be slightly off-putting for some I can't remember another site where I've had to change my password nowadays.

Anyway, don't know whether anything can be done, but soz I've missed you guys on here, nothing more to add just yet just waiting for an opportunity to get my car properly calibrated.

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Re: Site security!!!

#2 Post by Brian_H »

What browser are you using? I'd suspect you have a password generation feature in it, and thats what your seeing with the 46 character rather than the site.

Its enforced every couple of months that the password gets changed, the main reason for that is that passwords get reused, and sometimes are breached (you only have to check to see that for yourself). At least changing it every couple of months makes it more secure overall if it does get breached. Of course if you don't change the one on your email account it somewhat limits how effective that might be (though you should change that as well, few people actually do).

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