Welcome to the new LPG Forum server

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Welcome to the new LPG Forum server

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The LPG Forum has now undergone the long awaited move to the new server. Thank you very much to Dave Carson for providing the server space, doing the migration and most importantly upgrading the software.

When you first login you will be required to change your password, and set a new password every 90 days. These are essential for cyber security and to help protect your and other forum members data.

The user registration process has been improved and new accounts will be automatically registered once their email address has been validated. New users will not be able to post onto the forum for the first few times without their posts being vetted by the new team of moderators.

If you have attempted to register in the last 2 months and did not manage please try again. We have cleared out over 1,500 registration attempts from the last 2 months the vast majority of which were fake.

The image gallery is not compatible with this version of the forum. We will look at including this again at some point in the future.

If you have any comments or suggestions please post these in the relevant form location.

Thank you again Dave, and here is to another 15 years of www.lpgforum.co.uk....


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Re: Welcome to the new LPG Forum server

#2 Post by Brian_H »

Just a quick reply to say Thanks to both Damian and Dave for making it happen and keeping the forum going.

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Re: Welcome to the new LPG Forum server

#3 Post by LPGC »

Thanks Dave and Damian
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Re: Welcome to the new LPG Forum server

#4 Post by rich r »

Many thanks from me too. I probably wouldn't be on my fourth LPG car without this forum.
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Re: Welcome to the new LPG Forum server

#5 Post by Stargazer. »

Thank you

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Re: Welcome to the new LPG Forum server

#6 Post by daswimm »

Thank You to accept me as a member.

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Re: Welcome to the new LPG Forum server

#7 Post by kwh »

thanks for having me hope this will be an enlightening journey

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Re: Welcome to the new LPG Forum server

#8 Post by Pinger »

Just adding my thanks for the update and the forum generally.
Been busy with the rest of my truck recently (chassis stuff) but going to be back on the road with it soon returning to more normal work patterns so doing a bit more tweaking of the LPG today for that. Basically, reducing the rpm for fuel changeover by 300 rpm and reducing the fuel cut off rpm from 1700 to 1400 and the actuator setting for that from 80 to 30 (as suggested to me on my other thread) to stop it running away in 30mph zones if the road is anything but level. Seems to work and the over-run crackle from higher speeds has gone too. More scope in reducing it further (in due course) but I'd know nothing of any of this but for this forum and the helpful guys that frequent it. Thanks again.

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