LPG clicking

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LPG clicking

#1 Post by VWT42.5LAuto »

My LPG system has started clicking really loudly in the engine bay while it’s running. A tappet type sound. Anyone any ideas what it could be ?
When it runs on petrol the clicking isn’t there.

It’s a stag300-8
fitted to a 1995 vw t4 2.5L caravelle.

Any pointers or suggestions greatfuly received.

Not travelled anywhere on lpg for a while and having discovered just yesterday but have a long journey today and wondering whether to risk it or stick to petrol.

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Re: LPG clicking

#2 Post by VWT42.5LAuto »

It’s like a loud ticking.

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Re: LPG clicking

#3 Post by LPGC »

It will be the LPG injectors ticking.

They all click to some extent (as do petrol injectors), some types are louder than others. If they touch something the noise can be louder because the 'something' can act as a sound board.

However, if injectors tick louder than the same type usually does it can point to wear in the injectors.
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Re: LPG clicking

#4 Post by VWT42.5LAuto »

Thanks Mate. I’ll have to have someone check them out for me.
Stay tuned for my next post asking for recommendations around Buckinghamshire !

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Re: LPG clicking

#5 Post by Gilbertd »

Just because they are worn and clicking doesn't mean they won't work. See how the car drives, if it drives OK, then it isn't anything to worry about. One car I owned had a set of matrix injectors on it and they clattered away like castanets but it ran perfectly. That was the only way you could tell what fuel it was running n when the bonnet was open.
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Re: LPG clicking

#6 Post by Brian_H »

I had the same with a set of MED injectors (common Landi-Renzo pairing) that sounded like rattley tappets, though they weren't new when I first had them to compare if they got worse. I've also had noise when they were able to contact the bonnet (had to adjust the braket they were sitting on to stop that) on some of the OMVL SL type injectors though those are much quieter in operation than the MED ones were and still are now.

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