Flogas delivery issues

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Re: Flogas delivery issues

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Well I hope they get busy! I was driving from Salisbury back to York today and the only station I could find was selling at 107ppl

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Re: Flogas delivery issues

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Just noticed according to fill lpg site, couple of Morrisons have started to drop prices. Their prices, even with this price drop is nowhere near other supermarket competitors but may mean the supply is getting back to normal. Recent warm weather maybe also a contributing factor...

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Re: Flogas delivery issues

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Looks like things are starting to return to normal(ish). Flogas in Peterborough have re-opened their pump (at 70ppl) and they told me they are starting to supply filling stations now too. Hopefully we'll see a few less red X's on the autogas app now.

The variation in prices isn't just here, although the A47 services in Peterborough charging 107ppl was taking the p*ss a bit, but it is the same elsewhere. I was in France Monday/Tuesday and heading for Calais up the A16. As I was towing, gauging how far it will go on a full tank is difficult as it varies wildly and I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it to Calais where there is a 24 hour Total station. Pulled into the Aire de la Baie de Somme just north of Abbeville (the last Autoroute services with LPG before Calais but oddly enough not on the mylpg.eu website) but as it was the early hours of the morning, it was pre-payment. Only problem with that was there was no sign of anyone in the (closed) shop so pre-payment wasn't an option unless I could hammer on the window hard enough to wake someone up. Noted the price was 1.05 Euro a litre so didn't bother and carried on. About 25 miles miles further up the road, and about a mile off the Autoroute, is a Leclerc supermarket at Outreau, on the outskirts of Boulogne, that I have used in the past, didn't know if it was 24 hours or not but decided to give it a try anyway. Get there to find it is 24 hours, unmanned but with a card in the slot machine to pay for fuel and LPG at 0.749 Euros a litre, 70% the price compared with the Autoroute! That fill got me back home......

Advice to anyone travelling in Europe is to avoid the motorway services where you can but use mylpg.eu to find the supermarket filling stations which are usually no more than a couple of miles from the motorway and far cheaper.
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Re: Flogas delivery issues

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Blimey , well done Gilbert !
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Re: Flogas delivery issues

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Good to know things are getting back to normal. I started to notice a lot of prices being updated on various areas as well. Seems like huge price differences within France too.

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Re: Flogas delivery issues

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Looks like Sainsburys Colney is permently out of action - Its been out since Janurary consistantly now. As you say great variation in prices, Shell here is currently 72.9 whilst BP (MFG) is 99.9 currently. I've seen some places over £1 a litre as well and for the most part thats not motorway services, its regular petrol stations in town seeing the more expensive prices.

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