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Re: Biodiesel and waste/new veg oil forum.

#21 Post by Rossey » Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:41 pm

Costco, makro, bookers all sell for 60ppl

Meth and caustic is easy to buy.

Making bio means I have a choice of a lot more vehicles, everything that runs wvo will be on its last legs now.

No need to wash the oil of you washing the bio.

I wouldn't sell it would have to pay tax

Its a bit like saying lpg won't damage your engine, eats spark plugs and damages valve seats.

I came on here because I'm looking to buy a vehicle that isn't diesel.

I was looking for a professional installer.

I saw this thread and I know how to make biodiesel properly.

Duty is a flat 40p a litre.

I really don't know where you got any of your information from but it's far from correct.

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Re: Biodiesel and waste/new veg oil forum.

#22 Post by LPGC » Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:56 pm

I remember my dad giving me a bit of advice when I was about 5 years old... He said 'Where you see the word budget it often means lower quality' (he didn't use exactly those words).. The reason why most people run diesels is because they perceive them as economical. In only a very slightly different sense, economy often means budget- Diesel vehicles are not as refined, sporty, quiet, etc, as petrol vehicles. The reason many people run diesels these days is because diesels do more mpg than petrol vehicles and with petrol and diesel being a very similar price that often means diesels are cheaper to run. LPG is something most people don't consider, or think is too good to be true, but converting a petrol vehicle to LPG can mean running the top spec vehicle of any vehicle range (top spec vehicle in most ranges is usually a high performance petrol engined model) can actually be cheaper in running costs than the lower spec diesel from the same line-up - Look at the model line-up of most vehicle ranges and say honestly.. If money was no object, would you choose to run the 2L turbo diesel or that awesome V6 / V8 petrol version instead? Exactly. People generally run what they consider the sensible choice. They just don't really know what sensible is. It is only a few years ago that diesel versions of main stream vehicles were only produced in base spec trim; Although diesels have become more refined over the years they still cannot match the refinement or smoothness of petrol versions (even petrol versions that are nowhere near the top of the spec list for a given vehicle model range). Diesels only became more refined by switching to common rail technology, the emissions of which only came down by use of DPF's, the smoothness of which only improved by use of DMF's - one of advantages of classic design diesels (fuel pumps, no DMF or DPF) over classic petrols (carbs, points, dizzys) was better reliability. Diesels used to be simple but now their technology outstrips most petrol vehicle technology but this is pushing the boundaries of technology and means diesels are now less reliable than petrols while still less refined, still less powerful, still stinky, still not the model you would choose if money was no object. Diesels are still bought by the mind, the un-informed mind at that (petrol on LPG is cheaper to run). Not many millionaires choose diesel, not many enthusiasts would buy the diesel model of a particular vehicle range when the petrol model is the top model. To some (informed) people, LPG is the great economy leveller, which allows them to run the vehicle they really want to run - but for running costs the same as (or lower / similar to) the budget model they might have settled for if they were less informed.

You are talking about converting a petrol vehicle to LPG, why would you do so if happy with diesel?

I didn't claim my info was up to date, just told the way it was when I looked quite in depth into it.

I am interested in what you're doing.

Didn't know (still not sure) if you make bio, use bio made from new veg oil or bio made from wvo. If straight veg oil or bio made from new oil, would raise the question of whether or not your bio would be seen by government as spec bio, since (as said) when I looked into it spec bio had to be made from WVO.

If you do the chemical processing, would be interested in seeing pics and explanation of your setup.

LPG doesn't damage valve seats on most engines even without a lube fitted, on engines with soft valves a lube can be fitted. Thing about spark plugs is they can be £2 each, easily replaced and even if 'eaten' may last 10000 miles - incidentally, just told another forum user in email discussion, unrelated subject really, about my daughter's Focus which I consider has eaten spark plugs but plugs still lasted 13months, will cost £8 to replace and job of changing them will be done in 10 minutes. Another 'bit like' is bio produces more acids (than pump diesel) which eat your engine, so oil must be changed more often, easily exceeding cost and time of changing spark plugs and a rather messier job on a diesel?

If veg oil costs you 60p/L and duty is 40p/L, then if you did pay duty on bio you produce and use you wouldn't be any better off (after going to all that trouble) than if you'd simply used pump diesel? LPG is legal, duty already paid on it when you buy it at the pump for 49p/L.

I maintain that, at the time (and probably still now) government wouldn't consider product made from new veg oil and wvo in same light, stuff made from wvo the real definition of bio-diesel and attracting less duty than stuff made from new veg oil (the whole planet turned over to production of fuel / more starvation in poor countries etc scenario). Picture the alternative - If government had not (by whatever means) ensured combined cost of new veg oil plus chemicals plus duty exceed cost of pump diesel then hypothetical scenario would be reality. Would suggest the only way you can run a diesel on veg oil or what you might term bio (produced from new veg oil) at lower than pump cost involves breaking the law. LPG users don't break the law.

Edit on 28/12. Just searched Bookers and the other suppliers you mentioned websites but they all seem to sell veg oil at a higher price than the Tesco link I included above? Unless you get a massive discount (i.e. more than 50%) by becoming a member and ordering online?

Congratulations on deciding (or at least considering) converting a petrol vehicle to LPG! (R.e. first paragraph of this post and my post on this thread on Xmas eve...).

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