Insuring and LPG car

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Re: Insuring and LPG car

#41 Post by SimonHobson » Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:25 pm

Active_Lad wrote:
Active_Lad wrote:So I said to "John" (let's save the poor boy's blushes) that RAC were £12 cheaper. He said "They usually are. They're only over there (forgetting that I couldn't see them!) I can see them from my desk. Shall I transfer you to them?"
Well if you think that's mad, just try saying these magic words : "any driver" :roll: - possibly the quickest way to end a discussion on getting a policy with them.

I've got "any driver over 25" and multiple vehicles on one policy with NFU Mutual. I went any driver years ago, I was adding my father and a couple of friends as "likely to be useful" measure and the lass behind the counter told me it would be hardly any more to just have any driver. So I did - and over the years it's been convenient a few times when I've wanted to let someone else drive.

When I first converted my Disco about 9 years ago, they accepted the LPG mod without any paperwork - I was installing a kit. Now they ask for a certificate - I was once told "LPGA member" on the phone, but they accepted my training certificate when I went in in person (I'd just done a certificate for a friend that had bought a converted Range Rover without a ticket).

But the interesting thing is the response you get when you ask for multi vehicle or any driver. On any driver, several call centre people have told me "it's illegal" and designed to cut down on uninsured drivers. Now could someone please explain to me how being insured for any driver makes it more likely that the vehicle will be driven by someone without insurance ? :? Other have simply said "we don't do it" which is fair enough.

But, a while ago I was a runner up in an IAM members draw, and got a £50 discount voucher for their IAM Surety - their new insurance partner. When they said they couldn't quote me for any driver, I emailed the IAM expressing my "dissatisfaction" and a chap rang me back from IAM Surety. It was an interesting conversation, and he told me that the choice of insurers offering any driver was quite small, that they could in fact quote me, but I'd probably be better of staying with NFU. Now there's a refreshing change, a conversation with someone from an insurance company - without the bovine effluent :D They sent me £50 in M&S vouchers so I didn't lose out.
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