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#1 Post by colin33 » Fri Aug 14, 2020 7:41 pm

I've written to Shell to ask a number of questions, for example when were they planning to tell their loyal customers that they are to discontinue supplying lpg? And why no consultation with these customers beforehand? And are they prepared to pay me compensation for the recent investment made in converting my vehicle? Like many others I guess, I will NEVER visit a Shell outlet again (I've also cancelled my broadband supply with them ) because they've left me with nowhere to fill up.
For anyone who wishes to express their displeasure at the way Shell has abandoned its LPG customers please email:

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Re: Shell.

#2 Post by Brian_H » Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:05 pm

You might want to have a look at this for further info.

There is also another thread on here under the filling stations section if you haven't already seen it.

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Re: Shell.

#3 Post by colin33 » Fri Aug 14, 2020 9:35 pm

Thanks Brian, yes I've seen that, and spoken to the guy at Autogas about the situation. He confirmed that my local Shell did a roaring trade in lpg, particularly in tourist season, but seemed blissfully unaware that it was the only viable outlet in West Cornwall.

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Re: Shell.

#4 Post by Gilbertd » Mon Sep 28, 2020 3:15 pm

Thanks to Colin for the email address, I emailed Shell recently and have just had a reply. I also mentioned in my local Flogas depot that the Peterborough services would shortly be losing it's LPG pumps due to Autogas Ltd no longer being there to supply them and it came as news to them. The manager of the depot said that he would pass details of the situation onto Flogas head office and suggest they contact the owners of the various Shell branded sites and offer to supply them too.

This is what I sent to Shell:

I have been given your email address as the person to contact to make my views known on Shell deciding to abandon its LPG customers. I appreciate that this is as a result of Autogas Ltd, a collaboration between Shell and Calor, ceasing to supply, but the way this has been handled is particularly distasteful. The wholesale removal of LPG pumps from Shell branded filling stations apparently without any prior consultation with retailers or warning to customers does not seem to be the way to conduct business. One of the reasons given is that the use of LPG for transport is declining, although I would dispute that. According to DVLA there are around 150,000 LPG fuelled vehicles on the road but of the 5 I have owned, only 1 has shown Petrol/LPG as the fuel type, the rest have only shown fuel type as Petrol. If this is common, and I suspect it is, that means there are probably over 500,000 vehicles using LPG. In addition, Dacia have recently announced that their entire range are now available with a petrol/LPG engine as an option (see so demand is likely to rise. I also understand Volvo are now producing a gas powered version of their FH trucks too.

With 10-20% lower CO2 emissions, negligible NOx and zero particulates compared with petrol, itself considerably cleaner than diesel, surely any responsible fuel supplier should be encouraging users to move to a cleaner fuel? Coupled with the fact that running a petrol engined car on LPG brings the running costs down to below that of an equivalent diesel, any further uptake should be encouraged and can only be better for the environment.

Rather than simply removing the LPG pumps from Shell branded forecourts, wouldn’t it be better to inform the forecourt owners that while they will no longer be able to buy their supplies from Autogas Ltd, there are other suppliers such as Flogas and Calor? Then leave the forecourt owners to choose if they wish to continue to sell a fuel with a far greater profit margin on it than petrol or diesel. I believe some of the stations that were due to cease supplying LPG have done just this and are now obtaining supplies elsewhere but it appears that many haven’t and I suspect they aren’t aware that this is an option. Just because they can no longer be supplied by Autogas Ltd doesn’t mean they cannot go elsewhere. I live very close to the Peterborough Extra A1(M) services (PE7 3UQ) and fill up there at least twice a week. This station is scheduled to have the LPG pump removed at the end of October although the staff have not been told why, just that it is happening and, it appears without them being asked for their opinion. If their sales of LPG were very low then I can understand that it wouldn’t be of any great importance to them but the staff there inform me that they sell a considerable quantity of LPG, particularly during the holiday periods when motorhome users will visit to buy in excess of 100 litres at a time, not to mention the snacks, drinks and other purchases they may make while there. I have regularly had to queue to get to the LPG pump as it is in use when I arrive.

I appreciate that this is too late for many of the stations that have already lost their pumps and forced their trade elsewhere, but if just a few of the scheduled outlets can be saved it will be a benefit. I regularly drive my LPG fuelled vehicle in Europe where I have found that virtually every filling station in Germany and Italy has LPG while in Poland and Lithuania in addition to it being available at regular filling stations there are LPG only filling stations too. Due to the reduced emissions my car is classed the same as a hybrid in the low emission zones of France, Germany, Belgium and Holland. While I don’t expect things to ever reach this state in the UK, the more stations that supply LPG, the more people will start to use it and this can only be better for the environment.

I would be interested in any comments you may have and if just some of the threatened stations continue to supply their customers by obtaining supplies elsewhere then that will have made this email worthwhile.


and have just received the following in reply:

Dear Mr Gilbert,

Thank you for getting in touch – I am writing further to your email of 23rd September addressed to Sinead Lynch. As the person in Shell responsible for service stations in the UK, your message has been passed to me.

I am very sorry to hear about your concerns with the LPG decommissioning process on certain Shell sites. Unfortunately the only way in which we can communicate to our LPG customers is via the service stations. Not all Shell branded service stations have had their LPG offering removed, but those that have, have had signs posted at the site up to 4 weeks before the removal of the pumps.

While I cannot comment on the DVLA figures that you cite regarding LPG vehicle usage, our extensive research around usage on our Shell owned sites has shown the LPG use for domestic transportation has been declining. We have seen a marked decrease in the use of LPG pumps on Shell sites, with pumps being increasingly underutilised. What we have seen, is an increase in use of, and desire for more, EV chargers and hydrogen refuelling pumps on our sites and this has been a factor in our decision to move out of the LPG space and towards offering alternative low-carbon transport fuels such as electric vehicle charging or hydrogen.

I also cannot comment on LPG usage and infrastructure in markets outside the UK, but, as mentioned, our research has shown LPG to be a declining business in the UK.

Regarding your comment on forecourt owners, I would like to reiterate that not all Shell branded sites have had the LPG offering removed. While Autogas Limited is being wound up and its LPG refuelling network decommissioned, independent dealer owned, Shell branded sites, have the full freedom to continue to offer LPG using an alternative supplier. In the absence of your local Shell LPG pump we’d recommend visiting for alternative sites.

I would also like to assure you that the removal of LPG from our Shell owned sites was certainly not a decision that we took lightly, and we would like to apologise sincerely for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Thanks again for getting in touch and I hope that this helps answer your questions.

Yours sincerely,

Bernadette Williamson
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Re: Shell.

#5 Post by colin33 » Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:47 pm

Well done Gilbertd for that email to Shell, which explained things much clearer than I could.
As with all emails to Shell, they get passed to Mrs Williamson who sends back a pretty standard email apologising for the 'inconvenience'.
She hasn't apologised for not consulting with her loyal customers, or for not informing her customers about Shell's decision to discontinue lpg AT THE TIME IT WAS MADE, rather than sticking a post-it note on the pump two weeks before removal!
She always quotes the filllpg site, where of course we can find alternative options to fill up. Had she bothered to look at this herself, perhaps she'd realise that where I live the closest remaining alternative is a 64 mile trip away!
There must be plenty of others like myself, having paid upto 2k on an installation based on lpg availability at Shell, who now find themselves with about 50kg of unnecessary weight to carry around in their vehicles...
I urge anyone else equally p1ssed off at Shell to email them, and keep doing so, because maybe one day they'll realise how many customers they've lost...

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