Considering an E63 AMG LPG - still 'sensible' idea?

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Considering an E63 AMG LPG - still 'sensible' idea?

#1 Post by da_murphster » Mon Jun 08, 2020 12:12 pm

I've been lusting after a 6.2 NA E63 AMG as my last hurrah with big NA engined cars.

I currently run a BMW 2006 550i E61 4.8 V8 on prins LPG system that I was going to move over to the AMG (well I was going to pay someone to do this!)

Seeing a few of the LPG pumps disappearing and the not insubstantial cost of moving my LPG kit is making me concerned that this is a daft idea.

My other option is the newer 5.5 turbo AMG for a few £k more and ditch the LPG idea and sell my BMW with the LPG kit.

Anyone thoughts on this? IS it still worth spending £££ on LPG conversions for cars like this?

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Re: Considering an E63 AMG LPG - still 'sensible' idea?

#2 Post by Brian_H » Tue Jun 09, 2020 9:44 am

Really depends where you are and what the availability of LPG near you is likely to be. Currently it seems Shell are pulling the sites supplied by Calor under the autogas branding. Any of the ones supplied by Flogas have had no announcement made about them at this time. There is a list of the ones they have currently scheduled to be removed at . Of course, noone can tell if they will add to this list, but that leaves any of the non-Shell outlets at this point still operating. Also is worth looking at to see the wider situation. So if you have Morissons/Asda offering lpg theres no reason to expect this to change at this time but bear in mind it may do.

Your unlikely to find buyers willing to pay more for a car with LPG already installed on it, you may even find it puts a lot of buyers off. Might also need a different tank for the new vehicle vs the old one depending if the old one will fit/give enough range etc. I'd suggest getting a quote to swap the kit across would be a good step to help you decide. Bear in mind some Prins kit is more difficult to work with so its probabbly worth confirming which Prins system you have (VSI 2 will need an installer with access to the right software which a fair number do not have).

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Re: Considering an E63 AMG LPG - still 'sensible' idea?

#3 Post by Gilbertd » Wed Jun 10, 2020 11:23 pm

The labour involved in taking a system off one car, making good and fitting a secondhand system to a different car is going to be far more than simply getting the new car converted with a kit that will do the job. As Brian says, local availability is one factor, if you have plenty of filling stations in your area, then go for it, if you only have the odd one that may be closing, then maybe it isn't such a good idea. Bear in mind though that if you've got two stations, one a Shell where LPG is being removed, the other will suddenly find their sales increase. The profit margin on LPG is far higher than petrol or diesel so there would be no sense in them removing it too. It's the ones that don't sell a lot that are closing, the successful ones will be keeping it. I drive all over the UK and Europe and with the help of and, I've never had to resort to running on petrol. I get around 200-230 miles to a tank so look to refuel every 150 miles or so and have never not found somewhere to fill.
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Re: Considering an E63 AMG LPG - still 'sensible' idea?

#4 Post by LPGC » Fri Jun 12, 2020 5:52 pm

I've converted many 6.2 AMG Mercs.

Which Prins kit have you got (VSI1 / 2) ?

Besides a few fairly unique demands on the LPG system (which mean Prins wouldn't be best suited for it) the 6.2 AMG Mercs need a fuel return fitting and a few changes made to their heater water circuit (disable a solenoid on the rear of the engine which prevents water from circulating through the heater circuit) when plumbing in the LPG reducer, it's also got to be plumbed in series if the boost pump is left in the heater water circuit.

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