Swap to CNG from LPG - apart from Tanks & Reg is it simple?

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Swap to CNG from LPG - apart from Tanks & Reg is it simple?

#1 Post by CNG » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:29 pm

I run LPG on my 60s classic and now want to convert to CNG. I realise these fuels are two very different animals at the regulator and tanks, but will the front end still be OK? At present I've a single point mixer open loop system that works well enough for LPG. I think, most LPG systems are CNG compatible, many are made with CNG the major market, so with LPG tanks ditched and replaced by CNG cylinders, a high-pressure regulator put in front of the LPG jobby, will it just be a case of advancing the ignition and turning the power-valve up another notch? Will I even need a change of mixer?

Talking to 'classicswede' of this parish, I understand CNG likes even more advance than LPG. S'easy enough, So my question: There's not too much going on in this set-up, but are looks deceptive? Is what I propose really that simple? eg: I'm already throwing the back-end and tubing. The kit and tanks to do what appears to be a fairly simple install I have laying around. It seems to me, all I need to start work is to mount my cylinders and a decent length of high-pressure S/S tube.

What am I missing here?

PS: There's two threads on the web that are genuinly crying funny. One is this:
1) How to Troll a dating site (https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=1017090)
2) This site holds the honour of the hosting the other: The 'Toolless' thread.

Some 6-7 years later, 'Toolless' still perks me up.

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