Hi everyone

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VW-T4 Tickford
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Hi everyone

#1 Post by VW-T4 Tickford » Tue Feb 09, 2021 8:02 pm

I just registered on this site, I run 2 vehicles on LPG, one is my loved VW T4 van with a Tickford system, the other is my hated Honda Accord with a STAG system.
Whilst the Tickford installed in 2001 runs perfectly well and never had a problem, The STAG of 2017 has already broken down twice with solenoid valve problem...
ANyhow, I was wandering if anyone knows a way how to force the Tickford system to start on LPG or if is possible to place a switch somewhere (like in the old days of LPG).

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Re: Hi everyone

#2 Post by Brian_H » Tue Feb 09, 2021 8:34 pm

Is it the Necam or Koltec type system? If so, that usually switches very quickly from cold (or at least mine did typically within 5 seconds of starting at most) so if it isn't, that would suggest maybe the temp sensor isn't working as well as it should be. Mine was the older style EGI system with the distributor. Don't know of them fitting other brands, but can't say as I've heard of them fitted to VW either, so it may be some other brand of system?

At least a solenoid valve problem if its the coil you mean, is cheap to fix and relatively easy as long as you can get to the coil.

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Re: Hi everyone

#3 Post by LPGC » Tue Feb 09, 2021 9:26 pm


Tickford may have installed one of several different LPG systems on the T4, what is possible regards starting on gas and general changeover behaviour may depend on which system they fitted... but the most likely answer is no.

Depending on which engine the Accord has it is probably a completely different proposition to the T4 in terms of getting easy good results from an LPG conversion. If a numpty installer converted both a T4 and an Accord the T4 would be more likely to run better than the Accord - If you took the LPG system off the T4 and fitted it to the Accord, even if you made necessary changes such as fitting appropriate nozzles in injectors and re-calibrating, the system from the T4 probably wouldn't deliver good results on the Accord. The components would be just as reliable as they are on the T4 (you wouldn't expect to change solenoids etc) but it might not work as well as the existing LPG system on the Accord. Reliability is a different subject to performance, an installer should always fit reliable components but not all reliable components are capable of performing well (or giving good performance on a particular application i.e. vehicle model) and not all good performing components are reliable. An installer should fit components that are both reliable and well suited to the engine and it's fuelling/breathing strategies.

By solenoid valves do you mean the actual gas shut-off solenoid valves or do you mean injectors?

Edit - Post crossed with Bri's post above (had my tea since viewing this thread).
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