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Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 1:04 pm
by Brian_H
Have noticed a few of the Welcome Break service area appear to have gone away from Shell branding, specifically M1 Woodall and M6 Corley both have swapped to being Self branded now but have retained the lpg pumps. The m42 services has had the same but lost their pumps in the process.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 2:02 pm
by Gilbertd
The Peterborough A1(M) services is Welcome Break but the forecourt is Shell branded and it's one that is scheduled to lose the LPG pump in October. I've filled up there 3 or 4 times since seeing that it was going to lose the pump but I haven't seen any of the management to ask them just how much LPG they actually sell. The BP branded station about a mile further north on the A1, has dropped it's price down to 72.9, still pricey but only 4p more than the 68.9 at the services and I suspect they are suddenly going to find their sales going up.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 2:44 pm
by Brian_H
I thought that one was Extra? Same as Cambridge?

Probably yes, as once the ones posted with dates close, that's the first one going north coming up the a1 from the m25 other than the BP/Applegreen at Wyboston without going into St Neots. Though when I've been in there, its rarely had any lpg or the pump has been out if order.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 4:41 pm
by Gilbertd
You're right, it's Extra, I stopped at Fleet on the M3 on Monday and noticed that although that was Shell branded was Welcome Break. Is Cambridge going too? If it is, I'll just have to divert via Camborne. The Wyboston one is on the wrong carriageway when coming up from the south unfortunately. You can tell when that one is out of order as they change the prices sign outside to show a price of 999.9 per litre.....

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 4:56 pm
by Brian_H
Yeah Cambridge would be Shell Cambridge on that list, can only think that's the a14 Extra services area?

I know Wyboston is on the wrong side if your heading north, that section of road is one I end up driving along very regularly. Frequently the way it works out. Buckden is also on that list to go, so I think that only leaves the 2 BP/Applegreen forecourts along that stretch. Cambourne is at least cheaper if you can go that way, that's where I tended to use if heading to East Anglia, provided it was working of course.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 10:50 pm
by Brian_H
Also can add onto that list the M1 Leicester Forest East Northbound services had now lost LPG for the second time, Shardlow Eastbound (A50 near Derby) has lost their pump (probabbly Westbound too, but wasn't heading past that way so couldn't tell) has also lost theirs. Both Welcome Break sites, still Shell forecourts though. Not on the Autogas website list.

London Gateway services (M1 again) still has theirs, or did last week, and is a Shell forecourt presently.

Given this > ... Break.html

It would seem Welcome Break have been purchased by Applegreen, so would expect all their remaining forecourts to cease being Shell branded (the branding would fit with the usual Applegreen appearance)

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 5:11 pm
by Gilbertd
Just filled up at Shell Peterborough services on the A1(M) and spoke to one of the cashiers I see regularly. She'd been told yesterday by the pump maintenance man that the LPG pumps is due to be removed and she doesn't understand why. She reckons they actually sell quite a bit of LPG, particularly during the summer when the big American motorhomes come in for 120-150 litres at a time. As she said, not only are they going to lose out on the fuel but also the coffee, sandwiches and snacks that many customers also buy while in there. She's going to speak to the station manager and see if he knows why the decision has been taken, as she said, the pump works, the tank is fairly new so what is the reasoning behind the closure? As I'd been standing talking to her for a few minutes, when I came out there was one car on the other side of the pump and another one queueing up behind me, so it's not like it isn't used. BP Kates Cabin a mile further North are just going to take the business instead.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:18 am
by TNT
Brian All those Pump removals your posting on fill LPG is depressing. but thanks. At least we can plan trips accordingly.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 10:45 am
by Brian_H
TNT wrote:
Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:18 am
Brian All those Pump removals your posting on fill LPG is depressing. but thanks. At least we can plan trips accordingly.
It is, but there is no point having stations listed that don't have LPG either. Though what I haven't done is remove the ones they have removed prior to April so theres more than that list to go.

Westbound Shardlow services has gone as well, which isn't a surprise really given the eastbound had gone.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 7:41 am
by TNT
My local has gone Lymington, and the next most regular station i visit Darby's corner in Poole, scheduled for de-commission too on the 3rd of August. seems the now nearest place to me at Hinton admiral has taken advantage and put the price up to 74.9p a litre.

This is actually becoming a huge pain in the rear end.

Saw some speculation on a camping forum Seems shell are blaming Calor when people enquirer, but I suspect whoever is in charge of the forecourts wants charging stations or something else like nitrogen filling stations in to replace it. which is bonkers. The craziest thing is the new pumps at Lymington are barley a year old.

I really hope some enterprising individuals with some extra land buy up a skid tank and sell LPG. I wish i had some land to do it.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 7:47 pm
by Brian_H
Just looking at the autogas map now it seems a few sites are listed as No longer supplied by Autogas

Bradford Service Station
Charnock Richard Southbound MWSA
Corley MWSA Northbound
Corley MWSA Southbound
Corner Service Station
Fleet MWSA Northbound
Fleet MWSA Southbound
Ford Service Station
Gordano MWSA
Keele MWSA Southbound
London Gateway
Pentwyn Service Station
Roundswell Services
Telford Motorway Service Area
Woodall MWSA Northbound
Woodall MWSA Southbound

So looks like some sites are going over to someone else, though not many (probabbly Flogas). Almost all of these are motorway service areas, most of them I think are Welcome Break ones.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:30 am
by Gilbertd
I filled up at Shell Stopsley in Luton last week and the pump has 'Autogas, supplied by Shell and Calor' on it while the tanks have big Flogas stickers on them. If I can convince Extra to do the same, then maybe we can reverse the removals. I suppose it also depends on who owns the pumps too.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 9:17 am
by Brian_H
There is certainly some that have changed supplier, but I would guess it's down to sales too.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 2:27 pm
by Henry_b
Not just shell removing them..

The local Texaco garages have removed the LPG pumps too..

I find it odd..

With the pressure now i for "green fuels" i would of thought LPG/CNG popularity would be skyrocketing..

In recent months I've had to run my P38 on petrol due to the fact LPG stations in my area don't exist!

And ones that are distant seem to be ridiculously high priced!

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 6:38 pm
by Brian_H
CNG just does not have the required filling network for it to be sucessful in this country. The road tax system is somewhat against larger petrol and alternative fuels vs diesel once you get past 2001 registered cars, and the smaller vehicles lack extra space to fit tanks for alternative fuels of sufficient capacity.

Its mostly Autogas/Calor removing the current lot, very similar to BP a few years ago when they pulled out of supplying LPG. Some have swapped to alternative suppliers, but if they aren't managing to sell enough for whatever reason, its likely they will just remove the pumps/tanks etc.

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2020 9:20 pm
by Brian_H
Further update from a query I raised with Autogas

"Many Thanks for your email.

LPG is a valuable energy source for numerous business applications in industry and transportation. However, in the UK, customer demand for LPG for domestic transportation is declining and many of our Autogas service stations are increasingly underutilised. As you will understand, there are rigorous and costly maintenance regimes for LPG to ensure safety with statutory testing required at specific intervals. The current Autogas refuelling network at Shell sites was installed around 20 years ago, and as such, significant investment is required to ensure the long-term safe and compliant operation of these facilities. As a result Shell are moving towards offering alternative low-carbon transport fuels such as electric vehicle charging or hydrogen, areas where they are seeing increasing customer demand. The removal of LPG from all company owned sites is not a decision Shell have taken lightly.

However, the supply of LPG into the transport and automotive sector continues and is not limited to the Shell/Autogas sites. Calor continues to supply through various Morrisons and Welcome Break sites as well as a large number of independent filling stations. There are over 1000 filling sites around the UK and your constituent may find the following links and useful for alternative sites

The sites that you list below will at some point be classified as “No longer supplied by Autogas” when our supply agreements have expired. It is likely they will continue supply with an alternate supplier."

Sites in question are the following page and are listed below (Some of these are Shell stations, but not directly owned/operated by Shell)

Birchanger MWSA (see below closing 20/10/2020 now)
Caird Park Service Station
Casnewydd Service Station
Crest Service Station
Cwmbran Service Station
Don Service Station
Fullarton Service Station
Kenilworth Service Station
MFG Birchington Service Station
MFG Castle View Service Station
MFG Easthouses Service Station
MFG Levenshulme Service Station
MFG Musselburgh Service Station
MFG Oulton Broad Service Station
MFG Plumstead Road Service Station
MFG Shinfield Service Station
MFG Wittering Service Station
Northmead Service Station
Old Road Service Station
Ridgeway Service Station
Riverside Service Station
Salford Quays Service Station
Sparkford Service Station
Wentworth Park Service Station
Wilmslow Service Station

Re: Shell removing lpg

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2020 5:56 pm
by Brian_H
List on the Autogas site has been updated as below, though not sure all of these are accurate as some have already gone out of them.

Shell Ottershaw KT16 0PG 24/08/2020
WBG Membury East RG17 7TZ 24/08/2020
Shell Chiswell AL2 2EH 25/08/2020
Shell Leadenhall MK6 5AD 26/08/2020
Shell Sceptre WD24 4BX 27/08/2020
Shell Circle EH4 2NT 01/09/2020
Shell Woodford IG8 8HQ 01/09/2020
Shell Titchfield PO14 4BB 03/09/2020
Shell Stirling Corner EN5 3TG 07/09/2020
Shell Winnall SO23 7SL 08/09/2020
Shell Tonbridge TN9 2SA 10/09/2020
Shell Portway SP10 3LS 14/09/2020
Shell Ealing W5 3HJ 15/09/2020
Shell Waitrose Salisbury SP2 7TS 17/09/2020
Shell Waitrose Southend-on-Sea SS2 4DR 21/09/2020
Shell Savoy SW18 1TP 22/09/2020
Shell Gloster CR0 2LG 24/09/2020
Shell Liphook North GU30 7TT 28/09/2020
Shell Liphook South GU30 7TU 28/09/2020
Shell Waitrose Cheltenham GL50 3QW 29/09/2020
Shell Luton Airport LU2 9HD 05/10/2020
Shell Beaconsfield HP9 2SE 06/10/2020
Shell Barking IG11 8BU 08/10/2020
Shell Victoria SW1W 9QN 13/10/2020
Shell Bourne End HP1 2SB 14/10/2020
Shell Cobham KT11 3DB 15/10/2020
Shell Waitrose Wymondham NR18 0SH 19/10/2020
Shell Chesterfield North DE55 5DG 20/10/2020
WBG Birchanger CM23 5QZ 20/10/2020
Shell Chesterfield South DE55 5DG 21/10/2020
Shell Baguley M23 9AA 22/10/2020
Shell Channel Gateway CT21 4GH 22/10/2020
Shell Cambridge CB23 4WU 26/10/2020
Shell Darwen BB3 0AT 26/10/2020
Shell Lymington SO41 8DH 26/10/2020
Shell New York Road NE27 0QH 26/10/2020
Shell Peterborough PE7 3UQ 29/10/2020