Update - I finally got round to it - Ha Ha !

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Update - I finally got round to it - Ha Ha !

#1 Post by Oldskool » Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:21 am

Well, it's been over a year now since I was fabricating a mixer for the carb. on my old yank camper - this thread here:


Over the rest of last year I was collecting up parts to complete the system. Thanks again to Classicswede for the pipe fittings.

So this summer I finally got round to hooking it all together and I'm very pleased with the results. My home made mixer seems to work like a champ and getting the BRC reducer adjusted was much easier than I expected.

So last week we took her away for a few days and did the best part of 500 miles. The motor seems to run a bit smoother on the gas although I can feel a slight drop in power which I was half expecting anyway.

I made a few small adjustments along the way but the only real problem I had was she coughed a few times and then stalled sitting in traffic and took ages to get started again :oops: I think I had the idle mixture too rich and it fouled the plugs.

On petrol I used to get about 13 mpg and on the gas I'm getting about 11 mpg, so I guess that's looking about right.

I just have a few tidying up jobs to do on the wiring and pipe route and then I think I'll fit a lambda and gauge to play with :)

Also (now I've proved the concept) I'm wondering if I could get it inspected and certified - so any suggestions for that would be welcome - I'm in Devon but I don't mind traveling a bit.



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