Problems whit my Lpg

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Problems whit my Lpg

#1 Post by Doffy1989 » Thu Apr 04, 2019 6:15 pm

Hello im new here from norway and need some help i got a Prins Vsi lpg i thing in my 5.3 tahoe v8 a bougt it whit the lpg not working and cant find out why,, the display in the car just showes the orange light whit the button noting more if i push it, it makes beeping sound but noting happens, the tank is full. had the display of back whit the tank an the display/meter show full.. som ideas of what my problem can be?,

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Re: Problems whit my Lpg

#2 Post by Brian_H » Thu Apr 04, 2019 7:49 pm

First easy test is to make sure your getting gas to the front - find the flexiable pipe at the front end that goes between vapouriser and injectors , and remove the end of it from the injectors - you should have pressure there, if you don't have anything then its probably one or the other of the solenoids isn't opening - If you can get someone to help operate the switch, listen at the tank for a click or clunking sound of the solenoid opening, there is another on the front at the vapouriser as well, if either fails to open you won't get it switching to gas and it will beep with low pressure.

If you can't hear the solenoid operate, take the connector off the coil (example of what your looking for > ... off-sseal/ ) and check the resistance across it with a multimeter. Your looking for somewhere close to 16 ohms with it disconnected. if its showing either open circuit or dead short circuit then your probably looking at identifying the right replacement and swapping it.

If the resistance looks right, then check your getting power to it - your best to use a bulb for this to put a proper load onto it, a brake light one is ideal, it should light up brightly when it tries to switch (it won't stay on long as it will detect no pressure).

If you can't hear either working, its possible one has failed and has shorted the other one out.

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