4 Hole cylinder tanks 70L 360x789 forklift outlet Acme fill

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4 Hole cylinder tanks 70L 360x789 forklift outlet Acme fill

#1 Post by LPGC » Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:12 pm

4 Hole cylinder tanks 70L 360x789mm 30degree. With forklift type outlet, Acme type fill valve, on tank (not electronic) level gauge, PRV and tank lifting handle / valve protection box (not gas tight) bolted on.

I have 20+ of these available, have seen them all and they're all in a similar (fair) condition. Light surface rust in places, scratches, bit of rust on some of the lifting handles, valves are not shiny like they would have been when new. All working and rust is only cosmetic, not effecting tank wall thickness or safety in any way.

Would ideally be suited to replace 18kg forklift exchange bottles (cheaper gas at Autogas pumps compared to 18kg bottles from bottled gas suppliers in most cases).

Could of course also be used as Autogas tanks - They are 67R spec and just the same as 4 hole Autogas 360x789 tanks, only the valves are different, so could also be used for Autogas applications by changing valves OR (go on I'll say it) using adaptors for the inlet/outlet and an inline shutoff solenoid close to the tank outlet. In case of the outlet valve, I would actually prefer the forklift outlet and an inline electronic solenoid over the usual direct on-tank electronic solenoid - If anything ever (read eventually) goes wrong with the plunger in the usual type 4 hole electronic shut off solenoid it is not possible to use the gas in the tank without fixing the solenoid and it isn't possible to fix the solenoid without losing all (in most cases) of the gas in the tank (unless you first remove the tank, spin it upside down before removing the plunger shaft, wait for the tank to chill and pressure to drop and put the new valve in wearing cold protection gear :lol: ). With the manual gas tap fitted, changing an inline plunger valve would be as simple as with a single hole tank with manual shutoff valve.

All tanks have residual gas in them so would need to be drained, a valve removed and flushed before they could be shipped by courier.

No frames or straps but of course these can be bought and would need to be bought for any Autogas use anyway. Same story regards valves and electronic level senders etc.

Currently on Ebay at £70 or near plus shipping. Geared towards collection really, as courier shipping will involve flushing and packing for which I'll charge £10 on top of the courier fee. I don't mind shipping via courier though. :wink:

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