Reducer pressure

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Reducer pressure

#1 Post by Surge » Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:56 am

Hi my newest car is the fourth car I have had converted to lpg and the first one I've had any problems with.

It's a 2006 Jeep grand Cherokee srt8 with the 6.1 hemi
With an optima expert ECU and kme extreme reducer supplied from lpg shop (my installer gave all the details of the car to the lpg shop and this was the kit they advised)

When the car was initially set up the gas pressure was set at 1.8 bar on the reducer (as advised by the lpg shop) and the car ran great but after a few weeks it started stuttering at wot just before gear change and seemed really down on power (this is a 420 bhp car)

Took it back to the installer and the gas pressure was reading 1.5 bar which he said was strange but adjusted it again to 1.8 and again car ran great but again a few weeks later the same thing happened pressure was back down at 1.5 bar so far it has been adjusted 5 times but keeps going back to 1.5 bar (it's always checked at full operating temperature at idle)

Anyway we called the lpg shop and they told us that this was normal and it should be set at 1.5 anyway (even although they told us initially it should be 1.8 )
Then they told us we should have dual reducers but the minute we said they supplied the kit they suddenly said it should be fine

Im totally new to looking at the mechanics of an lpg system but just a bit worried I am being fobbed of by the lpg shop

So my questions are
1. What should you set the reducers pressure to is there a calculation or something from manifold pressure?
2. Is it normal for the pressure to drop like this or is the reducer faulty or not up to task ?
3. The reducer is rated at 408 hp but the Jeep is 420hp (although I think the chances of it producing this power at this age are slim) the reducer is also rated up to 1.9 bar, should this system always have been a dual reducer system and the problem is it's just not up to the task ?

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