Advice sought on Mercedes W209/W203 install

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Advice sought on Mercedes W209/W203 install

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Unfortunately my old W208 CLK 320 never got fixed, an X5 parked in its boot before that was resolved..
However I now have a W209 CLK 320 to replace it and am wanting to fit the omvl system I recovered to it. I have rebuilt the injectors and the OMVL vaporiser but have bought a new magic three vaporiser as well..

I’m having a terrible time trying to find a suitable place for the ECU, vaporiser and the injectors under the bonnet, the sill cover on the engine is actually part of the induction system and houses the air filters, there very little space under it where I had previously had the injectors mounted, and I can only find one heater pipe, by the electric pump for the heater. Is the heater constantly flowing coolant on these (if so I can plumb the vaporiser in series with the heater matrix)

Has anyone done one of these? If so how did you fit the ECU, injectors and the vaporiser?

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