Overhaul of Romano Fast injectors - help identifying version

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Overhaul of Romano Fast injectors - help identifying version

#1 Post by Pmorg4 » Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:53 pm

I have a Romano system fitted to my car which includes "Fast" injectors (individual injectors which look like those below).


I have slightly rough running issues at idle and hot starting issues when the car has been running on gas, which persists when I isolate the vacuum hose to the vaporiser, so I'm reasonably confident that one or more injectors are leaking slightly. Other than that the system runs very well, and has been on the car for about 100k now.

I have managed to source injector overhaul kits for these injectors - basically a new spring and the "piston" type thing that creates the gas tight seal at the nozzle outlet. It looks very easy to do based on YouTube videos etc (e.g. here; don't ask me to translate!, but unfortunately for me there are two versions of the injectors "Fast" and "Fast 2" which use a different kit, and I cannot figure out which of the two injectors I have as they look identical in photos.

My injectors have the following part numbers:

On one side of the top half:
E13 67R-010148

Other side of the top half:
E13 110R000016

Bottom half:

If anyone can definitively tell me whether these part numbers point to a Fast or Fast 2 injector I'd much appreciate it! I have to order two kits (they come in fours and i have a 6-cylinder) from overseas as I can't find them in the UK. Hence I'm trying to get it right first time rather than just trial and error :)


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