Astra Estate LPG 1.6 2003 problem locating diagnostic port?

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Re: Astra Estate LPG 1.6 2003 problem locating diagnostic po

#21 Post by pjpj » Sun Sep 06, 2015 3:12 pm

Can't see a picture


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Re: Astra Estate LPG 1.6 2003 problem locating diagnostic po

#22 Post by LPGC » Sun Sep 06, 2015 3:19 pm

If you can't get a 58X module, the CCF002 is supposedly a direct replacement (well, except you need to mount it differently)...

The 58X (and CCF002) modules are often termed 'RPM module' but they also emulate lambda to keep petrol fuel trims correct. Lambda signal wires run to the 58X/CCF002.. Running on petrol the actual lambda signal is connected directly to the petrol ECU's lambda signal input, running on LPG the 58X/CCF002 sends the input lambda signal to the LPG ECU but sends an emulated lambda signal to the petrol ECU - This emulated voltage is modulated to keep petrol fuel trims correct - implying the 58X/CCF002 can read petrol ECU fuel trims, implying it is connected to the petrol ECU via a Canbus type connection (maybe connected to the vehicle's standard OBD2 port...).

May be possible to replace a 58X/CCF002 with 2 units (2 needed to perform the double function).

Parts to keep fuel trims correct are easily available (an OBDuFIX module) and fairly cheap, so that is one function of the 58X/CCF002 easily replaced. You wire the OBDuFix to the actual lambda, the petrol lambda input, the LPG ECU lambda input, the OBD port and to LPG solenoid live... Very likely all these pinouts are present at the 58X/CCF002 connection plug...

Have never checked a working 58X/CCF002 RPM output signal but would expect it to just be a pulsing 5V or 12V trigger.
On old LPG systems, for certain vehicles, it was sometimes necessary to install an 'RPM signal amplifier', which amplified 5V trigger coil signals to 12V at the output and/or doubled the frequency of the pulse (so the LPG system would read correct RPM instead of half RPM). If the above assumption is correct, can't see a reason why it wouldn't be possible to use one of these types of units to replace the 'RPM amplifier' function of a 58X/CCF002.. though maybe instead of connecting it's input to CPS (which old skool RPM amplifier probably wouldn't be able to use as an input), it might be necessary to connect it's RPM input to one (or 2 with isolating diodes) of the ignition coil trigger wires.

On some Vauxhall's, (where I have replaced parts of the system such as injectors and Koltec ECU with aftermarket parts but left rest of Koltec system in place - so the dash fuel gauge still works the same way i.e. reads the fuel you're running on), I have at first left the 58X module in place... Only to find it impossible to calibrate the aftermarket system as the 58X continued to send emulated lambda to the petrol ECU! So that meant either removing the 58X entirely (and rerouting lambda cables), disconnected 'running on LPG' signal from 58X, or bypassed all the 58X Lambda connections (to connect lambda directly to petrol ECU).

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Re: Astra Estate LPG 1.6 2003 problem locating diagnostic po

#23 Post by cheeky2 » Mon Nov 23, 2015 2:07 pm

Finally managed to get hold of the 58x module in fact it is the later CCF02 module from a Vectra on ebay for a bargain price of £15.99

Strangely enough the old module starts occasionally in the cold now on gas but after about 10minutes running on LPG it reverts to Petrol.

Good News finally changed it out and tried it today. Its finally sorted out the LPG on the Astra Dual Fuel by replacing the CCF02 module from Ebay.

Thanks for all the members contributing on this post.

Have a Great life and be lucky :)

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