LPG Installer for Mondeo 2.5T

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LPG Installer for Mondeo 2.5T

#1 Post by shooter » Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:31 pm

Hi there.
I recently acquired an 57 2.5T 5 pot Mondeo witch I plan to have converted to LPG
Can anyone recommend and installer in the Cambridgeshire area that meets the following requirements( I can be persuaded to travel further if needed) :
- System should be able to go up to 300BHP as the car will be remapped in a near future.
-Installer must be uklpg registered or be able to get the car registered in the uklpg scheme for insurance purposes.
- I would like an install as discrete as possible ( All wires tuck away out of sight, filling cap hidden preferably behind fuel flap, and torodial tank).
- Ideally would like an BRC system or Prins but willing to consider others.
- Car needs a valve saver kit as the HUBA engine valve seats are soft, any comments on this?
-Quotes by p.m. would be good to have.

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Re: LPG Installer for Mondeo 2.5T

#2 Post by Gilbertd » Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:54 pm

The only place I know in this area is CG Autogas in Peterborough, next door to Flogas (http://www.cggas.co.uk/) although he won't fit BRC or Prins, he'll fit something that suits the car. Both these systems have a reputation that is more self generated than earned and there are plenty of other systems that are easily as good, if not better, that don't command the premium on the price.

Any half decent installer will keep all the wiring out of sight and a toroidal tank is the norm for a car with a spare wheel well. A hidden filler may be discreet but if it means you have to use a small 10mm filler and an adapter you need to be very careful when you fill as they shear off very easily. Plenty of pumps in the UK have only short hoses which means quite a lot of strain on the filler. I appreciate you may not want a huge hole in a wing but that is something you can discuss with the installer as he may have other suggestions.
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