2007 WRX 2.5 STI LPG service in North West?

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2007 WRX 2.5 STI LPG service in North West?

#1 Post by bbstrikesagain » Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:35 pm

My car was converted to LPG by Tubbs in May 2014. This involved a 74 litre donut tank, giving 59.5 litres usable, EMER Palladio set to +1.8 bar over manifold, HANA(Keihin) H2000AA (brown) injectors, possibly an AEB??? ECU, not sure, and a couple of great cappuccinos.

It's been an running well from idle to full chat, with no real issues, other than a failure, and replacement under warranty, of the Si Elektronik VP40127S sequential lube doser (fitted at my request, and against some advice on here, the original detected a failure of one of its own valves and shut the LPG down for me, but the replacement has been running fine since).

After 18,000 miles, 3,600 litres of LPG, and over £2,000 saved on fuel, it must be (over)due a gas service...

I had tried to contact Tubbs but it seems Independent Autogas was officially dissolved as of yesterday.

As well as filter changes etc I wondered about a couple of minor tweaks:
  • try to address slightly aggressive pickup after throttle lift at high boost and re-apply
  • move filler from behind centre of number plate to either side to allow filling without removing tow bar
Not sure if the first item can be fixed easily, and it isn't a huge problem, just a niggle. My guess is that shutting off the injectors traps high say 1.2+1.8 bar gas in the reducer, and this gas pressure is still there when the injectors open again, but the manifold pressure has fallen a little? I presume the OEM ECU expects to be working with in-compressible fuel and a dynamically fast fuel pressure regulator, so doesn't need to dynamically adjust injection time for this? If so, the LPG ECU will over-fuel momentarily and that could explain the issue. Not sure if LPG ECUs can correct this?

Whatever, I'm looking for someone else now to do the service and any future work? I'm in Stockport, willing to travel, preferably North West. Anyone want to pick this up?
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Re: 2007 WRX 2.5 STI LPG service in North West?

#2 Post by classicswede » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:25 pm

Your nearest is Andy Evans autogas. Simon and myself are further afield
http://www.classicswede.co.uk/LPG/cat17 ... 10800.aspx

LPG installer Anglesey North Wales



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