Autogas / LPG Powers 300 BHP Car

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Re: Autogas / LPG Powers 300 BHP Car

#21 Post by jalfrezigazee » Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:08 pm

Yes you are right but you can safely and reliably get 300 BHP from a 2.0litre turbo car with a normal Prins VSI setup. The liquid systems are just not needed with current car engine types. The BTCC cars are limited to 270 bhp and I am pushing out 292bhp with my own setup using the Prins VSI with the brown (commonyl known as touring car) injectors. LPG was in touring cars a few years back and the current VSI for turbo cars was developed there. 70k in 2 years on my car and no problems apart from 2 faulty brown gas injectors

I am buliding a drag car and we are looking at gas systems to handle 600bhp from a 2.0litre. The Standard VSI with 2 vaps and lots of injectors is looking appealing

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Re: Autogas / LPG Powers 300 BHP Car

#22 Post by Sir Henry » Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:15 am

Actually I wouldn't mind just 300bhp from The Old Girl on lPG as she already pushes out 250 on jungle juice.
But how much would it cost?
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