Flaring off gas in the north sea

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Flaring off gas in the north sea

#1 Post by lebesset » Sat Dec 31, 2005 9:44 am

one of the disadvantages of ageing is that one tends to stick to old information ....often incorrect as I have just found <BR> <BR>when north sea oil production[ brent crude ] first started , some 90% of the associated gas was flared [ burnt ] off <BR> <BR>I had a look at the recent figures ; I learnt that not only do oil companies require government permission to flare off ANY gas , but that the flare off percentage is now 2% , mainly for technical reasons <BR> <BR>how sad that the major oil producing countries in the middle east typically still burn off 80% , especially as the large majority of the our lpg is made from this raw material


Flaring off gas in the north sea

#2 Post by go_lpg » Fri May 12, 2006 12:43 pm

LB, <BR> <BR>Yes, many times I have thought that the use of LPG in cars cuts pollution TWICE. <BR> <BR>Once if it is not burnt off in such a wasteful manner (doing no useful work at all) and twice as it replaces petrol and reduces C02 emissions from the jalopy...... <BR> <BR>I firmly beleive that there is no real interest amongst global government in protecting the environment, save when they can use 'environmental protection measures' as an excuse to tax us even further. <BR> <BR>One only has to look at the effects of 'Green' landfill taxes - More cash for Civil Servants to justify their jobs and put little graphs on their cosy office walls whilst the net effect of their 'effort' is a minus. <BR> <BR>We live in rural area. Almost daily another load of tyres, batteries and all sorts of commercial waste is dumped in the lanes and farm gateways. <BR> <BR>Make people pay to get rid of their refuse and some of them will dump it. <BR> <BR>Make them pay a lot more to get rid of their waste and they'll dump even more. <BR> <BR>Not Rocket Science eh?

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Flaring off gas in the north sea

#3 Post by quantum » Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:32 pm

I can't believe the Middle East burns off all that LPG. Have you got a reference? <BR> <BR>I wonder how much refining they actually do there? Seems like most of their oil is exported, so not that great a loss of LPG if so?


#4 Post by rotax » Tue Jan 08, 2008 12:25 am

The reason natural gas is flared off in high % from so many fields espaecialy overseas. Can be two fold A. it is sour gas (h2s)
B. It is considered a waste by product of the oil production process in areas where the infra structure is not in place or cost effective to put in place, but the oil has been found and must be produced to make back the revenue. especialy with the current high exploration costs.
This might seem like a very wastfull and live for today type attitude being taken by oil companys. Well thats only because it is. But this resource is being sought out by buisness. not the world conglomiration for resource managment. So that will not change.

Imagine if you will in an overseas market ifone oil company was given driling and production rights on a given area For ten years only
by the government. At the end of which the third world country reclaims its it established oil fields and is now an indipendant oil producing nation.

Now if you were that oil company what is your main objective to in how to manage the resource. Answer Get the $ out of the ground as fast as possible.

The gas is most often flared at source direct from the wells at sea Not just during th production process on shore.

ECONOMICS Runs the world oil is no different.

Personaly i think it is imoral , But I still work for them . :oops:

No country or comapny details will be divuged so please dont ask

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