mintLPG - new name for Autogas Worldwide

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mintLPG - new name for Autogas Worldwide

#1 Post by mintLPG » Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:59 pm

As some of you will be aware, back in the spring Autogas Worldwide Ltd changed its name to MintLPG Ltd. mintLPG has been in use as a name for our in-house conversion business for a number of years and the formal adoptions of it as the name of the holding company was a result of efforts to streamline the administration and marketing.

mintLPG Ltd continue to be the UK agents for Romano Autogas Systems, AEB components and Stako tanks. While these are not the cheapest systems available they are certainly amongst the best.

mintXI OBD has been developed. This advanced ecu has 2 tuning modes, its normal mode and one for those who like the AEB way of doing things. Also the injector cut wires are self sensing so no more mistakes in getting the wires the wrong way around. A new high capacity PowerMAX reducer and individual injectors complete the package.

A budget Ultra-Gas kit has also been introduced in order to compete with the cheaper Eastern European kits, these mechanical components are also available with an AEB ecu. We have also reach agreement with Ultra-Gas to distribute their comprehensive range of LPG tanks in the UK.

mintLPG have also been appointed UK distributors for Torque-Gas Diesel-Gas, An Australian diesel system. After a slow start we are developing a real confidence in this system - we have several vans running successfully.

What ever your LPG Conversion requirements pay us a visit at

Regards, Edward

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